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I was dealing with severe anxiety that gradually started affecting my everyday life, such as social anxiety and triggering claustrophobia. During the session with Marjan, I felt safe and she made me feel very understood. Marjan really takes the time to listen and understand what is going on to come up with the most effective way to overcome your issues. After one session, I’m so amazed at how I feel strong, empowered and almost as if a weight is off my shoulders. I have a whole new out look/approach on life and the way I now see myself. Honestly I am amazed at the outcome. I could not recommend it enough. Anyone that is suffering from an issue that are not sure of the root cause. Anyone suffering from anxiety, phobias or seeking to improve their mental health. I was feeling very vulnerable and scared in the beginning but as soon as I arrived and she welcomed me in, I immediately felt relax and ready to make the change in my life.  

Leila Marais

I had an RTT session with Marjan to get rid of migraines - I used to have them daily when I was young.

Marjan is AMAZING setting you up for a successful session, even if I was a little bit afraid of what could have come up during the session, she gently took my hand and took me to see the needs that I shut down for so many years!!

It was a lot, I processed many emotions during that session, and, as I told Marjan soon after, I am super grateful she was my therapist: warm, present, supportive, and a real cheerleader for my success!

Thank you, Marjan for your skills and your passion!

With love,

Money Block
As an entrepreneur, I struggled to have consistent income. And this can be the biggest fear for lot of entrepreneurs. I found myself worrying about next month income and calculating every investment I made. This fear started to overwhelm me and stop me from progressing. That is when I reached out to Marjan for help. Marjan is an amazing therapist. I felt so safe working with her. During the session we found the root cause of my fear that wasn't obvious to me on a conscious level. After the session I felt a deep relief. I feel now so calm and confident that I'm capable to create the abundance in my life. I am confident that I'm always supported by the universe or some higher force and everything I need is available to me. Thank you Marjan for this amazing shift that has made my life more easy and joyful!

Marija Simic  

Anxiety and Sleep Issue 
I had high level of anxiety and I had trouble sleeping During the session with Marian I discovered the origin of my anxiety, a very old childhood memory that I never thought it could be the root cause. It was really nice to see where it all was coming from finally and I started to be able to address it.
Now I can take life in a more relaxed way and I am learning to self sooth myself.
I think anyone in the word can benefit from a session with Marjan. 

Anonymous (Male 35) 

Thank you Marjan for the lovely Session. Thank you for your patience during the session, holding loving space for me and giving me insight about what was holding me back. I love listening to the Recording. I am more aware of how I am feeling if the old thoughts come back and now I choose differently. I am more Confident and Eager to show up for myself everyday without resistance. Thank you!

Aisling Naughton

I felt very ambition across various aspects of my life, often initiating projects with enthusiasm and clear goals. However, as time passed, self-doubt crept in, leading to a start-and-stop mentality that complicated my projects, hindering goal attainment. I found myself becoming a procrastinator. I was acutely aware that maintaining such a mindset wouldn't lead me to the success I aspired to achieve.
I didn't know what to expect when I went to see Marjan. I approached it with an open mind, eager to explore what RTT could offer. Marjan guided the session seamlessly, and as we delved in, I found myself on the sofa, completely at ease. Marjan explained her approach, involving hypnosis and exploring the origins of these challenges in my past. The session felt brief, and upon checking my watch afterward, I was surprised by how many hours had passed.
During the session, I experienced a deep sense of relaxation, letting Marjan guide me back to my childhood to unveil the origins of my issues. I encountered various situations that were, at the time, embarrassing and somewhat painful. As the session concluded, Marjan asked me to release it all and accept that these experiences no longer hold power over my present.
I followed the instructions to listen to my recordings for 21 days and found that it was most effective for me in the evenings, just before bedtime. Each night, I felt transported back to the session with Marjan, gradually accepting more of what we had uncovered.
Now, I am not procrastinating on any activity. I've set these goals for myself, and I am empowered to 'pull through' until the end of my mission. Anyone open to releasing self-sabotage can truly benefit from this. Of course, you cannot resolve all issues in one session – several sessions would be needed.
Peter Deth

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