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Welcome to my practice

Establishing a deep connection with my clients is of utmost importance in the work I do. Within the sanctuary of a loving and compassionate space, true healing unfolds. 

About me

I once heard that every great person has a sentence to describe them. It made me think, what would my sentence be? Upon reflection and introspection, I wrote:

"I make the life of the people around me, a little bit better by being loving, caring, supportive, joyful and positive." I know that my life purpose has become reflective of this.

Perhaps the reason for me being on this planet and what drove me to become a therapist. "The more love and positivity I bring to the world the more I will inspire others to live in love and prosper."

I became therapist because of my passion to connect with people in a positive, sincere and meaningful way.

Through my life journey, I suffered from anxiety, asthma, urticaria, lack of confidence and other health issues. I spent more than a decade trying, exploring and experiencing different modalities to heal myself. I found how to be healed in RTT therapy. I have learned how to heal others.

I have learned that we all share the same pains, we all suffer from the same fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs.

I rejoice in the pleasure of being able to help others heal and find the freedom that is within everyone and is everyones's birth right. 

Today my mission is to help whoever comes to me to heal, to find peace and contentment at their heart, to be free from limiting beliefs, free from pain and insecurities so they can live a happy and joyful life. 

Having been trained by RTT founder Marisa Peer, I can offer you an array of techniques to directly accessing the root cause of your problem and fixing whatever blockage might be there and I will help you to free yourself from your symptoms.

My Journey into RTT and becoming RTT practitioner began when one fateful day, I stumbled upon Marisa Peer's work online, and I was instantly captivated, diving into an intriguing rabbit hole.

Driven by a deep fascination, I made the decision to learn everything I could from this remarkable woman renowned for her ability to bring about transformation in just one session. Under her expert guidance, I embarked on the journey to become certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).

 Little did I know that this pivotal choice would lead to unimaginable transformations in my own life.
Through RTT, I unraveled the weight of negative beliefs and self-perceptions I had been carrying. It provided a safe haven for me to confront and reshape these emotions, transforming them into sources of empowerment.

RTT unveiled my inherent strength and resilience, teaching me that my emotions were not enemies but rather allies guiding me towards my true desires and aspirations.

This therapeutic approach facilitated a profound self-understanding, enabling me to embrace vulnerability and celebrate my strengths.As I gained emotional freedom, its impact radiated across all facets of my existence. My relationships deepened as I learned to communicate my needs and boundaries with clarity and compassion.

 I realized that growth necessitated stepping outside my comfort zone and embracing the unknown. Equipped with the tools of RTT, I navigated life's highs and lows with grace and self-assurance.Reflecting upon my transformative journey fills me with gratitude.

I am no longer the person I once was, and I embrace the ongoing process of growth and self-discovery. I cherish the freedom to continually explore the depths of my emotions and embrace the limitless potential within me.This profound personal transformation ignited a passion within me to help others on their own journeys.

 I am deeply committed to empowering as many individuals as possible to experience the life-changing benefits of RTT. With RTT as my guiding force, I am resolute in assisting my clients in creating lives filled with fulfillment, authenticity, and boundless possibilities.

My dedication is to help others discover emotional freedom, liberate themselves from their issues, and cultivate an unwavering belief in their own worth, which then emanates into every area of their lives.

A little bit about me: I live by the sea and head to the beach or lovely walks everyday with my dog Milou. I also have a beautiful and sweet Persian-Himalayan cat named Oliver.
I love cooking for family and friends and discovering new restaurants on city breaks, with a bit of yoga to offset the calories.

Spending quality time with my family fills my heart with boundless joy. I adore my nieces and nephew and cherish the role of the fun-loving and caring aunt in their lives.

Immersing myself in the wisdom and inspiration of remarkable individuals is another source of great joy. I find pleasure in reading and listening to those who passionately share their knowledge and insights with the world. It fills my heart with fluttering delight to witness the impact of their work and their commitment to spreading wisdom far and wide.

Byron Kaitie, Bruce Lipton, Marisa Peer, Brene Brown are few of many that hold a special place as my biggest influences. Their teachings have deeply impacted my personal growth, and I am grateful for the profound wisdom they have shared.

In summary, my life is enriched by the serene presence of the sea, the treasured companionship of my pets, the joy of cooking for loved ones, the thrill of discovering new culinary experiences, the balance found through mediation and yoga, the boundless love for my family, nieces and nephew, and the continuous inspiration drawn from the wisdom shared by influential individuals. Last but not least the pursuit of my passion and purpose through my work that is  helping and healing people. 

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